Why 教育?

Do you enjoy working with children, creating positive change in their lives and inspiring lifelong learning? Are you passionate about the value of an education and the opportunities 他会给你带来? Studies in the 学院的 教育 can help you become a guide and advocate for children and education. Some careers include home family childcare provider, pre-school center director, pre-school lead teacher or a certified Washington State teacher in grades from pre-school to 12th grade, with an option for emphasis in a variety of areas such as math, physical education, English or science. Whether your plans involve you quickly joining the workforce or pursuing further study and advancement, the School of 教育 is the perfect place to begin.

学习 the principles of child development from birth to age eight, with special focus on early care and education. Gain skills in a variety of areas that will prepare you for diverse workforce settings from daycare, preschool and in-home care to administrative work in each of these paths.


If you are interested in teaching at the elementary school level, 网赌正规真人实体在线平台 has two paths 为你. Begin with your AAS at 网赌正规真人实体在线平台 and apply to our Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) program to complete your four year degree in Teacher 教育 with a local student teaching placement and an Early Childhood (P-3) Endorsement.

If you are interested in transferring to a four-year college, earn your transfer degree (AA/DTA) at 网赌正规真人实体在线平台 to complete your first two years and general education requirements prior to transfer.


Do you dream of becoming a high school teacher, specializing in subject matter that 你爱? Start your journey with us! 工作 toward your transfer degree while focusing on courses in the subject area of your choosing. Complete general education requirements as well as advanced subject area coursework at 网赌正规真人实体在线平台, while preparing to become a secondary education major at a four-year institution.



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